Westgate Las Vegas Launches SuperContest Gold for 2017

Westgate Las Vegas is upping the ante in 2017 with the addition of a brand new, high-stakes contest called SuperContest Gold.

SuperContest Gold has the same rules as the regular Las Vegas SuperContest but comes with a pricier buy-in of $5,000. Plus, SuperContest Gold will be a winner-take-all payout format instead of the tiered payouts in the regular SuperContest.

Participants in the SuperContest Gold competition will follow the same rules as the regular SuperContest. Each week, contestants are to pick five games against the SuperContest Gold spread that will be released as part of the contest lines on Wednesday afternoons. Picks are due in Saturday morning by 11 a.m., or before the start of game time if you wish to submit a pick from a game that takes place before then. Please note that if you do submit a pick of an earlier game, all five picks are due at once.

The SuperContest Gold contestant to earn the most points will win the first-place prize and be declared the champion. Note that there is no administrative fee associated with the SuperContest Gold contest. In the regular Las Vegas SuperContest, $120 of the $1,500 buy-in is reserved for the administration fee.

Click here to view the official 2017 SuperContest Gold rules.

Registration for the Las Vegas SuperContest and SuperContest Gold opened July 1, 2017, and the deadline to register for both contests is September 9.

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