The Las Vegas SuperContest Is Perfect for Poker Players

The Las Vegas SuperContest, deemed “the ultimate pro football handicapping contest,” is the perfect sports-betting contest for poker players. Here’s why.

The Las Vegas SuperContest Is Just Like a Poker Tournament

The Las Vegas SuperContest, held at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, plays very similar to a poker tournament. It’s an extended contest with one upfront buy-in that participants pay.

When you’re a poker player and you’re playing in a cash game, the amount of money you can lose isn’t predetermined, like it is in a tournament. The same goes for the Las Vegas SuperContest. You pay one upfront buy-in of $1,500 and that’s all you can lose — unless you do the maximum of two entries, of course.

Also like a poker tournament, you can win many, many times your buy-in. So just like a poker tournament, there is plenty of bang for your buck. When you win, you win big.

The past three SuperContest champions have taken home first-place prizes of $740,325, $914,175, and $895,482, for an average winning payday of just under $850,000. All signs are pointing to a record turnout for the 2017 Las Vegas SuperContest and a first-place payout of $1 million. That’s a chance at a huge payout for a risk of only $1,500.

The Las Vegas SuperContest pays more than just one spot, too, just like a poker tournament. In 2015 and 2016, the top 50 places were paid, and in a similar fashion to a poker tournament, the payouts increase with each place and rise exponentially.

If you’re a poker player, the SuperContest has many similarities to your standard poker tournament, which makes it easy to understand.

Poker Players Love Betting On Football

Poker players are known to bet on sports, especially the NFL. Many poker players have great statistical minds that allow them to see edges where others might not, and this type of thinking can be exactly what wins you money in the sports betting world.

If you’re a poker player and you bet sports, especially the NFL, you’re missing out on a huge chance at a big score by not playing in the SuperContest. Put your betting knowledge to work for you in a contest that has a huge pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Casual Sports Bettors Love the Las Vegas SuperContest

Poker tournaments are more popular than cash games to the general poker-playing public, and the fields are often much softer in a tournament versus a cash game. Just like good players like to take advantage of recreational players in poker tournaments, good sports bettors can look to take advantage of recreational sports bettors in the Las Vegas SuperContest.

Another tremendous thing about the Las Vegas SuperContest is that smart minds can really take advantage of the contest lines provided to bet on. When you’re placing a regular sports bet, you’re betting against the house and the line is constantly on the move based on the house looking to apply its edge. In the SuperContest, lines are released once and lock in, and there is a much greater element of playing against what your competition is doing rather than playing against the house.

Minimal Effort Needed to Compete in the Las Vegas SuperContest

Poker players absolutely love their freedom. The SuperContest is a big sports-betting contest that takes minimal effort to participate in. Yes, you do need to make your weekly selections in person, but all you have to do is hire a proxy service for the contest and submit your picks to them to be placed for you. Once you sign up in person and link up with your proxy, poker players can submit picks from anywhere in the world.

If you’re a poker player and you think you can’t participate because you need to be in Las Vegas to make your weekly picks in person, that’s not true. Get yourself set up with a professional, customer-friendly proxy service like offers, and competing in the SuperContest is a breeze.

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