“GRANNYS BOY” Wins 2017 Las Vegas SuperContest for $1.327 Million


“GRANNYS BOY” has won the 2017 Las Vegas SuperContest and the record-breaking $1.327 million first-place prize. Following a 3-2 performance in Week 17, GRANNYS BOY finished with a score of 60.5 points to capture the title and the life-changing sum of cash from Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. To earn the winner’s prize from the greatest sports betting contest in the world, GRANNYS BOY finished with a record of 58-22-5.

The 2017 Las Vegas SuperContest attracted a record-setting field of 2,748 entries. The mammoth field size in this $1,500-entry contest shattered the previous record of 1,854 entries from the 2016 season.

2017 Las Vegas SuperContest – Top 15 Standings

1. GRANNYS BOY: 58-22-5 – $1,327,284
T2. SCHEMATIC ADVANTAGE: 58-25-2 – $398,184
T2. HOWDOIPLAY XX: 57-24-4- $398,184
4. BIOSOFT GLOBAL: 55-27-3 – $189,612
5. GRAND DRAGON: 55-28-2 – $170,650
T6. THE CANDIOTTI MAN: 54-28-3 – $142,208
T6. GOLDEN SOUL: 53-27-5- $142,208
T8. VOLARE CIECO: 53-28-4 – $74,219
T8. TUNNEL VISION: 54-29-2- $74,219
T8. TEAM 1482: 53-28-4- $74,219
T8. RILEY WADE HAGGARD: 53-28-4- $74,219
T8. POCKET JOSH: 53-28-4- $74,219
T8. DONTYOUGODYINONME: 53-28-4- $74,219
T8. BIOSOFT SPORTS: 53-28-4- $74,219
T15. JUCO: 53-29-3 – $34,129
T15. ETOWN: 53-29-3- $34,129
T15. DEEMAN: 54-30-1- $34,129

*Unofficial standings. The top 50 places were set to pay out, and you can find official 2017 SuperContest standings on Westgate’s website.

Entering Week 17, GRANNYS BOY had a 2.5-game lead over the competition. In Week 17, GRANNYS BOY selected the Detroit Lions (-6.5), Buffalo Bills (-2.5), Atlanta Falcons (-3.5), New Orleans Saints (-7), and Jacksonville Jaguars (+3). The Lions, Bills, and Falcons all covered for GRANNYS BOY, whereas the Saints and Jaguars failed to cover. Nonetheless, the three covers were enough to lock up the seven-figure victory for GRANNYS BOY.

GRANNYS BOY assumed the top spot in the SuperContest after going 4-0-1 in Week 12 and improving to a 40-17-3 record at the time. From there, GRANNYS BOY never looked back and never gave up the number one spot on the leaderboard. Over the last six weeks of the NFL season, including Week 12, GRANNYS BOY went 22-5-3.

Two-Way Tie for Second Place

Two teams finished in a tie for second place with 59 points each, “HOWDOIPLAY XX” and “SCHEMATIC ADVANTAGE.” For that, the two will chop up the sum of second- and third-place prize money to take home $398,184 each. Second place was originally worth $530,913, and third place was worth $265,456.

The tie for second and third hurt HOWDOIPLAY XX the most, and it was because of his pick of the Washington Redskins (-3) failing to cover that cost the team an extra $132,729 in prize money. If the Redskins had covered, HOWDOIPLAY XX would have gone a perfect 5-0 on the week and finished with sole possession of second place. On the flip side, the Redskins not covering earned SCHEMATIC ADVANTAGE and extra $132,728.

Entering the final week of the season, SCHEMATIC ADVANTAGE was in fourth place but went 5-0 to jump into a tie for second.

Big Finals Weeks for “GOLDEN SOUL,” “POCKET JOSH,” and “JUCO”

Speaking of jumps, the advancements of “GOLDEN SOUL,” “POCKET JOSH,” and “JUCO” are worth noting.

GOLDEN SOUL jumped from 17th place to finish in a tie for sixth place, POCKET JOSH jumped from 21st place to a tie for eighth place, and JUCO jumped from 28th place to a tie for 15th place. All of those jumps up the leaderboard came as a result of 5-0 performances in Week 17 from those three teams.

If GOLDEN SOUL had stayed in 17th place and not been tied with anyone else, the team was looking at a payout of $30,337. The perfect final week allowed the team to tie with “THE CANDIOTTI MAN” for sixth place and earn $142,208 – $111,871 more.

If POCKET JOSH had stayed in 21st place and not been tied with anyone else, the team was looking at a result worth $22,753. Going 5-0 in Week 17 moved the team into a seven-way tie for eighth place overall worth $74,219 – a $51,466 increase.

If JUCO had stayed in 28th place and not been tied with anyone else, the team was looking at taking home $15,168. With the blemish-free scorecard in the final week of the season, JUCO vaulted to a three-way tie for 15th place and earned $34,129 – $18,961 more.

The Not-So-Good Week 17 Results

Of course, as teams move up and jump into higher money places, there are those that fall. “BIOSOFT GLOBAL,” “BIOSOFT SPORTS,” and “GARYSOTHERMISTRESS” all went 2-3 in Week 17.

For BIOSOFT GLOBAL, the less-than-ideal finish dropped the team from third place to fourth place. Without factoring in ties, the drop cost the team $75,844 in the difference between the two places.

BIOSOFT SPORTS entered Week 17 in fifth place but fell into a seven-way tie for eighth place. Fifth place was originally worth $170,650, and BIOSOFT SPORTS ended up taking home $74,219 when you factor in ties.

GARYSOTHERMISTRESS entered the final week of the SuperContest in seventh place, which was originally worth $132,728 without considering ties. GARYSOTHERMISTRESS went 2-3 in Week 17 to fall into a six-way tie for 18th place and earn $25,281.

Teams “B1HB2” and “A GIVER” were tied for 21st place entering Week 17, but both went 1-4 and fell to finish in a tie for 81st place. Heading into Week 17, these two teams were looking at a payday of around $20,000, but the 1-4 scores pushed them outside the money and they both earned zero.

For full interactive standings, check out FantasySuperContest.com.

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