Circa Sports Million IV Week 1 Standings & Recap

Circa Sports Million Week 1 recap

Another year of the Circa Sports Million pro football contest is here, and Week 1 is in the books after a wild Monday night of football. With Week 1 done, we have an early look at how the standings have begun to take shape. Read on for more from Gridiron Gamble’s Circa Sports Million Week 1 recap.

Every week of the Circa Sports Million, the goal is to go a perfect 5-0. There were 209 contestants that did that in Week 1. Behind that group was a group of 842 contestants at 4-1. Then 1,400 entries landed a Rich Ryan “body blow” at 3-2.

More than half of the Circa Sports Million had a positive Week 1 this year, but there were plenty that started off below .500. The biggest group of the ones below .500 was the group of 1,331 entries that went 2-3. Then it was 737 contestants at 1-4 and 122 contestants at 0-5.

With so many ties following Week 1, we’ll pass on sharing the top 10 of the leaderboard just yet, but stay tuned as contestants will begin to separate themselves over the coming weeks.

Gridiron Gamble Goes 4-1 in Week 1

One of the 638 teams to go 4-1 in Week 1 of Circa Sports Million was Gridiron Gamble. Our entry backed the Cleveland Browns (+1.5), Chicago Bears (+7), Minnesota Vikings (+1.5), and New York Giants (+6) for wins. In fact, all four of those underdogs won outright. Our fifth selection was the Cincinnati Bengals (-6.5) and they lost at home to the Pittsburgh Steelers in a wild one.

Circa Sports Million Field Size & Prize Pool

There were 4,691 entries in the Circa Sports Million IV contest. Each entry ponied up $1,000 to play and there was a $6,000,000 prize pool guarantee on offer. That means the entries only accounted for $4,691,000 of prize money, leaving Circa to cover the $1,309,000 overlay. With such a large overlay, each contestant picked up added value for competing.

First place in the 2022 Circa Sports Million is $1,000,000, and the top 100 spots will reach the money. Prizes escalate starting with the $2,000 prize for 100th place all the way up until the $1,000,000 first-place prize.

There is also a $100,000 prize for finishing in last place over the entire season, as well as a second-to-last-place prize of $50,000.

Furthermore, contestants can compete for quarterly prizes. The top finisher from each quarter will win $150,000, with last place from each quarter winning $25,000.

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