Circa Survivor Week 1 Recap: 56% of Contest Eliminated

Circa Survivor Week 1 recap

The Circa Survivor is back and bigger than ever, with 6,133 entries generating a $6,133,000 prize pool. The field size is up from the 4,080 that entered a year ago. This year, there was a lot of carnage after Week 1.

More than half of the field is out following a Week 1 of the NFL that saw many surprise winners based on the betting lines. After a whacky ending to Monday Night Football, 3,448 contestants were eliminated in total, leaving 2,685 entries remaining. On Monday night, 569 contestants selected the Denver Broncos and they all lost when the Seattle Seahawks got the victory.

Circa Survivor 2022 Week 1 selections
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The most selected team in Week 1 was the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens were picked by 1,662 contestants and they all got a win thanks to the Ravens defeating the New York Jets. The next four most popular picks of the week lost. The Indianapolis Colts tied the Houston Texans, forcing the elimination of 875 contestants. The Tennessee Titans lost to the New York Giants to cause 708 entries to fall. The San Francisco 49ers were beaten by the Chicago Bears to bounce another 703 entries from the field. The aforementioned Broncos lost to the Seahawks in Russell Wilson’s return, causing 569 eliminations.

The Cincinnati Bengals were another fairly popular team with 460 selections in Week 1. After a wild game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Bengals were left 0-1 on the season and those 460 Circa Survivor contestants were eliminated.

Also eliminated in Week 1 were contestants who selected the Carolina Panthers (82), Jacksonville Jaguars (8), Houston Texans (5), Los Angeles Rams (4), Detroit Lions (3), New York Jets (2), Green Bay Packers (1), and Dallas Cowboys (1).

Every year there are a handful of contestants who fail to get their picks in for Week 1. For the 2022 Circa Survivor, 27 entries were eliminated due to not making a Week 1 selection.

Half of Gridiron Gamble Bounced

Half of Gridiron Gamble’s Circa Survivor entries were eliminated in Week 1. Both Brett Collson and Mo Nuwwarah selected the Bengals to beat the Steelers. The Bengals lost outright, despite being a 6.5-point favorite based on the Circa Sports Million lines, to eliminate two of Gridiron Gamble’s entries.

Donnie Peters and Rich Ryan selected the Ravens in Week 1. The Ravens beat the Jets to allow Donnie and Rich to advance to Week 2.

Circa Survivor Field Size & Prize Pool

With 6,133 entries in the Circa Survivor contest for 2022, a prize pool of $6,133,000 is up for grabs. That prize pool could go to just one person if there is only a single contestant remaining at the end. If there are multiple contestants left standing, those contestants will split the prize pool evenly.

There is also a $1,000,000 bonus prize for teams that go a perfect 20-0 and don’t select last year’s Super Bowl teams – the Rams and Bengals. This could result in one person walking away with $7,133,000 in prize money from winning the 2022 Circa Survivor.

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