Circa Survivor Week 2 Recap: 673 Eliminations

Circa Survivor Week 2 recap

Week 2 of the Circa Survivor contest saw another 673 contestants head out the door. From that group, 652 contestants made picks and lost, whereas 21 contestants failed to submit picks for Week 2. That leaves 2,012 contestants remaining for Week 3 of Circa Survivor.

This year’s Circa Survivor began with 6,133 entries, meaning less than 33% of the field remains after just two weeks of the NFL season.

Circa Survivor 2022 Week 2 selections
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The Denver Broncos, who came off a loss in Week 1 to the Seattle Seahawks, were the most popular Circa Survivor selection in Week 2. The Broncos were selected by 869 contestants. It was a close Week 2 battle against the Houston Texans, but the Broncos got it done.

The next most popular selection was the San Francisco 49ers, picked by 481 contestants. Despite losing Trey Lance to a season-ending injury, Jimmy Garoppolo stepped right in and the 49ers got the win.

The Cleveland Browns lost a ridiculous game to the New York Jets. Despite having the game in hand late, the Browns blew the lead and gave up the victory which caused the elimination of 358 contestants from Circa Survivor. Cleveland was the third most popular pick of the week.

Also eliminated in Week 2 were those who selected the Cincinnati Bengals (192), Las Vegas Raiders (77), Indianapolis Colts (13), Baltimore Ravens (5), Pittsburgh Steelers (3), Carolina Panthers (2), Washington Commanders (1), and Seattle Seahawks (1).

Gridiron Gamble Still Alive

After half of Gridiron Gamble’s Circa Survivor entries were eliminated in Week 1, Donnie Peters and Rich Ryan remained and advanced to Week 3. Donnie selected the Broncos and got the win, although it was a little too close for comfort. Rich had the 49ers for a much easier pass to Week 3.

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