Circa Survivor Week 4 Recap: 328 More Bust

Circa Survivor Week 4 recap

This year’s Circa Survivor contest is down to less than 20% of the field after another 328 eliminations were had in Week 4. Those busts left the competition with 1,222 contestants from the starting field of 6,133.

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Only five teams picked in Circa Survivor this week lost. The week’s biggest batch of losers came from the Pittsburgh Steelers losing to the New York Jets. The Steelers were the second most popular selection of the week, picked by 177 contestants, which represented 11.4% of the field.

The Detroit Lions were the fifth most popular selection on the week with 91 picks, and the Lions lost at home to the Seattle Seahawks.

The three other teams to lose and cause eliminations were the Indianapolis Colts, Cleveland Browns, and Carolina Panthers. The Colts were picked by 49 contestants and lost to the Tennessee Titans. The Browns were picked by eight contestants and lost to the Atlanta Falcons. Three contestants were on the Panthers, who lost to the Arizona Cardinals.

The most popular pick in Week 4 was the Green Bay Packers. Despite the New England Patriots being without starting quarterback Mac Jones and backup quarterback Brian Hoyer leaving the game with a concussion, the Patriots pushed the Packers to overtime and nearly got the outright win as 9.5-point underdogs. The Packers pulled it out, though, allowing for 689 contestants to advance to Week 5.

Gridiron Gamble Still Alive

Gridiron Gamble still has two of four entries remaining. Donnie Peters was on the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 4, and they got the win over the Jacksonville Jaguars despite going down 14-0 early in the game. Rich Ryan had the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings played the New Orleans Saints in London and didn’t look great, but they got through.

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