“BOOTY BLOCKERS” Wins First-Ever Circa Sports Million for $1,000,000

The first-ever Circa Sports Million football betting contest was won by Isaac Meier, who entered the contest under the alias “BOOTY BLOCKERS” and took home $1,000,000 for the win. Meier topped the field of 1,875 contestants with a final score of 57-25-3 (58.5 points).

The first-ever Circa Sports Million had a $1,000 buy-in and attracted 1,875 entries. That created a prize pool of $1,875,000. A portfolio manager based out of Los Angeles by trade, Meier was 34 years old when he won Circa Sports Million I. Meier finished 1.5 points ahead of his closest competitor on the leaderboard.

Circa Sports Million I Top 10 Results

1stBOOTY BLOCKERS-157-25-358.5$1,000,000
2ndLIVE ODDS-156-27-257$100,000
T-7thTHE MATADOR 1-155-3055$17,500
T-7thGAMBLERS ANONYMOUS-154-29-255$17,500
T-9thBOBBY T-154-30-154.5$7,500

Entering Week 17 of the NFL regular season, Meier was one point in the lead. Through 16 weeks, the leaderboard had Meier on top, ACE2019 in second, and then the group of LIVE ODDS, THE NATURE BOY, and, THEBETBOT.COM were tied for third place and 2.5 points out of the top spot.

In the final week of Circa Sports Million I action, Meier selected five favorites, and two of the five were big double-digit favorites. He picked the Tennessee Titans (-3.5), Indianapolis Colts (-3.5), New Orleans Saints (-13), Philadelphia Eagles (-4.5), and New England Patriots (-16). The Titans, Saints, and Eagles booked wins for Meier, but the Colts and Patriots failed to cover. The 3-2 performance in Week 17 was enough for Meier to hold onto the top spot, though. His closest competitor entering the week, ACE2019, went 1-4, and no one else on the leaderboard had enough to catch Meier.

Looking back on the full 17-week season for Meier, he started well but wasn’t exactly on fire out of the gate. Meier’s first four weeks of the contest produced 4-1, 2-3, 4-1, and 3-2 results. But then he went a perfect 5-0 in Week 5 and followed that up with a 4-1 score in Week 6 to shoot into the top 10 of the standings. From that point on, Meier never slipped outside of the top 10. The best stretch for Meier came over the three weeks of Week 10-12 when he went 4-1, 5-0, and 4-1 for a combined 13-2.

BOOTY BLOCKERS’ Circa Sports Million I Weekly Scores


Additional Circa Sports Million I Prize Winners

The Circa Sports Million I pro football contest didn’t just pay out to the top finishers on the full season leaderboard. There were four “Quarter Prizes” up for grabs. Originally planned to be a $50,000 prize to each quarter’s best performer, these quarter prizes ballooned to $143,750 each thanks to the prize pool blowing past the $1,500,000 guarantee. All additional Circa Sports Million I prize money on top of the $1,500,000 prize pool guarantee was divided equally among the four quarter prizes, so each quarter prize received an addition $93,750.

At the end of the first four weeks of the NFL regular season, contestant CB ELITE was atop the leaderboard with 17 points from a record of 17-3. That positioning awarded CB ELITE the $143,750 first-quarter prize.

For the second quarter of Weeks 5-8, CONCRETE MIKE went 17-2-1 to score 17.5 points and he was the winner of the second quarter’s $143,750 prize.

The third quarter belonged to Meier and another contestant MICHCONN, which resulted in the two chopping up the prize money and winning $71,875 each. Both Meier and MICHCONN went 16-4 for 16 points.

With the pro football regular season lasting 17 weeks, the fourth and final quarter spanned five weeks of contest play. Over those five weeks, TALL & NASTY was the best performer with a record of 20-4-1 for 20.5 points. That gave TALL & NASTY the final $143,750 quarter prize of the season.

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