“DSR90” Tops Circa Sports Million II for $1,000,000 Win

Dakota Shawn Reed, a Las Vegas local taking a shot at the $1,000 buy-in Circa Sports Million II after losing his job as a cook, became $1,000,000 richer when he won the second edition of the Circa Sports Million.

Reed combined his initials and his birth year to come up with the contest alias “DSR90.” At the time he won, Reed was 30 years old and had recently lost his job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Reed scored 57 points from a record of 56-27-2 to top the field of 3,148 entries and win $1,000,000.

Circa Sports Million II, the second year of the contest, attracted 3,148 entries and created a prize pool of $3,148,000. It was quite the year-over-year growth for the Circa Sports Million after the inaugural edition drew 1,875 entries to create a prize pool of $1,875,000.

Circa Sports Million II Top 10 Results

T-8thNO POINTS FOR SECOND-154-30-154.5$17,000
T-10thMR. INVISIBLE-253-30-254$13,000

The early portion of the season was a bit of a roller coaster for Reed. He started the season hot, going a combined 9-0-1 through the first two weeks of the season. Then, he went 2-3 and 3-2 in the weeks that followed, but a 5-0 result in Week 5 got Reed back into the top 10. Another 2-3 performance came in Week 6, though, but from there it was fairly smooth sailing for the remainder of the contest.

Reed was in 11th place entering Week 9, and that’s when he went 4-1 to move into fourth place. Although he dipped back to eighth place after a 2-3 result in Week 10, Reed shot back into the top three the following week and was never outside the top three spots from there on out.

Entering the final week, Reed was in sole possession of second place with 53 points (52-26-2). He was a half-point out of first place, with friends of the Gridiron Gamble podcast David “ODB” Baker and Mark Gregorich (contest name ODBMG) leading. Reed selected the Pittsburgh Steelers (+9), Houston Texans (+7.5), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-6.5), Baltimore Ravens (-12.5), and Miami Dolphins (+2.5) in the final week and only shared the Ravens pick with ODBMG. As things would result, Reed went 4-1 with covers from the Steelers, Texans, Buccanneers, and Ravens. ODBMG went 3-2 and that was enough to allow Reed to win by a half-point.

DSR90’s Circa Sports Million II Weekly Scores


Additional Circa Sports Million II Prize Winners

Not only did the Circa Sports Million II award a total of $3,000,000 to all those who finished in the money for the season-long leaderboard, but they gave out some very juicy quarter prizes and a last-place “Booby Prize.” For Circa Sports Million II, each quarter was set to pay out the top three places, with $187,000 to first, $75,000 to second, and $25,000 to third. The contestant to finish the contest with the worst overall regular while qualifying by making five selections each week was awarded the contest’s “Booby Prize” worth $100,000.

After Week 1-4, SUNNYSANDIEGO had the best record at 18-1-1 for 18.5 points, giving this contestant the first quarter’s $187,000 payday. ODBMG, the team owned by poker pros and friends of Gridiron Gamble David “ODB” Baker and Mark Gregorich, and RED CHIP MAFIA tied for second with 17 points and a record of 17-3 apiece. They chopped up the total of second and third place combined ($100,000) and took home $50,000 each.

For the second quarter, four contestants were tied for the best record across Weeks 5-8. HEDGEHOG INC, MINURA11, DOGS R BARKIN, and TRES LOOPERS each went 17-3 for 17 points. They chopped up the $287,000 in second-quarter prize money to win $71,750 each.

The third quarter, Weeks 9-12, belonged to CORNFINS. He went 18-2 for 18 points and proved the best performer over this four-week period. CORNFINS won the third quarter’s $187,000 first-place prize. PATMAN58 scored 16 points and finished second for $75,000. Then, a whopping 17 contestants each earned 15 points and chopped up third place’s $25,000 to take home $1,470 each.

The final quarter of the season spanned five weeks from Week 13-17 of the pro football regular season. MAIOWE had the best record at 20-4-1 for 20.5 points and he won the final quarter’s $187,000 top payday. Then, a group of nine contestants tied at 19.5 points each to win $11,111.

The contestant to finish with the worst record all season while making sure to submit five picks against the contest spread each week was JAX 2 WIN. JAX 2 WIN’s final record was 28-57 for 28 points and he won the $100,000 “Booby Prize” for finishing last among qualifying contestants.

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