Circa Sports Guarantees $14,000,000 Across Two Major Contests

The Circa Sports pro football contests are back and plan to be bigger than ever. Across the Circa Sports Million V and Circa Survivor, a combined $14,000,000 is guaranteed. Circa Sports Million V is guaranteeing a $6,000,000 prize pool, and this year’s Circa Survivor is guaranteeing a prize pool of $8,000,000.

The season prior, these two pro football betting contests guaranteed a total of $12,000,000 in prizes, with $6,000,000 guaranteed in each contest. The Circa Sports Million V prize pool guarantee remains the same this year, and the Circa Survivor prize pool receives a $2,000,000 increase. Any way you slice it, there is an enormous amount of money to be won in both of these contests.

As is always a popular move by Circa Sports, there is no rake on both of these contests.

Circa Sports Million V To Award $1,000,000 Top Prize

The Circa Sports Million V contest will once again award a seven-figure top prize, with $1,000,000 set aside for the winner. As planned, the top 100 places on the leaderboard will receive a cash payout, and there is $4,650,000 allotted for those top 100 spots.

The top nine places on the Circa Sports Million V leaderboard pay at least $100,000. Once you get into six-figure territory for the prizes, it’s a $50,000 jump in prize money with each place up to third, then the jump from third to second is $100,000 ($400,000 to $500,000).

Circa Sports Million V Top 10 Payouts

1st: $1,000,000
2nd: $500,000
3rd: $400,000
4th: $350,000
5th: $300,000
6th: $250,000
7th: $200,000
8th: $150,000
9th: $100,000
10th: $90,000

The Circa Sports Million V leaderboard will also award $150,000 in prizes for those that prop up the entire leaderboard from the bottom. Second-to-last place will receive a payout of $50,000, and the contest’s last-place finisher will take home $100,000. You can’t just not submit picks each week and score zeroes, though. To qualify for these bottom-of-the-barrel prizes, contestants must submit five picks each week.

You can see the full breakdown of prizes on

The Circa Sports Million V is bringing back its lucrative quarter prizes as well. Each of the four quarters will have at least $300,000 up for grabs, with the best-performing contestant from each quarter winning $150,000 in prize money.

Circa Sports Million V Quarter Prizes

1st: $150,000
2nd: $60,000
3rd: $40,000
4th: $15,000
5th: $10,000

Similar to the full season leaderboard having a prize for last place, so will each quarter. The last-place finisher from each quarter will win $25,000.

The Circa Sports Million V’s $6,000,000 in guaranteed prizes is broken down by $4,800,000 for the season-long leaderboard and $1,200,000 for the four quarters combined. If the prize pool exceeds $6,000,000, meaning the contest receives more than 6,000 entries, additional prize money in excess of the guaranteed amount will be split evenly among the four first-place quarter-prize winners and the top 100 spots on the full-season leaderboard.

How Much Does It Cost To Enter Circa Sports Million V?

Each Circa Sports Million V contestant will be required to pay $1,000 per entry to enter. All of the buy-in money will go directly to the prize pool with no rake taken out. Contestants are allowed to have up to a maximum of five entries in Circa Sports Million V.

The registration deadline is Saturday, September 9, 2023, at 2 p.m. PT. Official contest rules can be found on the Circa Sports website.

Winner-Take-All In Circa Survivor

Now in its third year, Circa Survivor will deliver life-changing money more so than it has ever done before with a guaranteed prize pool of $8,000,000. Yes, that means one contestant could be walking away with an $8,000,000 payday if they can prove to be the last contestant standing.

Like Circa Sports Million V, Circa Survivor has a $1,000 buy-in per entry and all of the money goes to the prize pool.

Contestants are allowed a maximum of 10 entries, but contestants are allowed to rebuy 10 additional entries up until the registration deadline (Saturday, September 9, 2023, at 2 p.m. PT) if they lose entries on the opening Thursday Night Football game. That opening Thursday Night Football game for this NFL season sees the Detroit Lions take on the Kansas City Chiefs. If you enter 10 entries in Circa Survivor and fire all 10 on the Chiefs, who are around a touchdown favorite at the time of writing, and the Chiefs lose, then you can rebuy up to another 10 entries to get back into the contest as long as you rebuy before the contest’s registration deadline.

Remember, in Circa Survivor you don’t have to pick teams to win against the spread. You’re picking them to win the game outright without a point spread being involved.

This edition of Circa Survivor will again have 20 contest weeks. There will be contest weeks for every week of the NFL regular season, so 18 weeks, and then individual contest weeks for Thanksgiving Day/Black Friday and Christmas Day. If you select a team that loses or ties, then that entry is eliminated. Contestants may only select a team once per entry.

At the end of all 20 contest weeks, the remaining contestants will split the $8,000,000 (or greater) prize pool equally. If only one contestant remains, then there is only one winner.

For more information regarding Circa Survivor, including the contest’s official rules, click here.

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