Circa Sports Million V Week 1 Recap: Plenty of 5-0 Starts

Circa Sports Million Week 1 recap

After the opening week of the Circa Sports Million V contest, 140 entries booked perfect 5-0 starts. The total number of 5-0 starts to begin this season is down a bit from last season when 209 contestants opened up unscathed, but there are still plenty of contestants sitting perfect.

Entering Monday night and the New York Jets hosting the Buffalo Bills, there were already more than 100 entries sitting at 5-0. It was then 18 on the Jets (+2) and 13 on the Bills (-2). The Jets won in overtime on a walk-off punt return touchdown to get the 18 4-0 contestants who selected them up to 5-0 in Week 1.

There is still a long way to go in the 18-week season, but those 140 entries have put themselves in the best position out of the gate. For reference, the last undefeated contestants from last season fell in Week 4 after two teams got through the first three weeks with no losses.

Last season, “CHIEF-3” topped the Circa Sports Million by picking 69.4% for a record of 59-26-5. The season before, it was “DURBIFY-1” picking 70% with a record of 63-27 for the win.

The most popular pick from the record 5,247 entries was the Cleveland Browns (+2.5). The Browns were selected on 1,963 cards, representing 37.5% of the contest, and won outright against the Cincinnati Bengals. The second most popular pick of Week 1 was the Pittsburgh Steelers (+2.5), also home underdogs to kick off the season. There were 1,944 picks for the Steelers, representing 37.1% of the contest, and they lost by 23 to the San Francisco 49ers. All told, the Circa Sports Million V top five consensus picks were 3-2 in Week 1 and the top 10 were 6-4.

As always, stay tuned for more coverage of the Circa Sports Million right here on As the season goes on, contestants will begin to separate themselves and the Circa Sports Million V leaderboard will take better shape.

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