Broncos Blow Big Lead To Cause Most Circa Survivor Week 2 Exits

Circa Survivor Week 2 recap

Following an opening week of the pro football season that saw nearly 2,000 entries eliminated in the 2023 Circa Survivor contest, another big chunk of entries were bounced to the sidelines in Week 2. The losses weren’t as devastating to the contest as they were in Week 1, but more than 1,000 entries – 1,351 to be exact – were tossed in the garbage bin. Heading to Week 3 are 5,924 entries now that a little more than one-third of the contest has been eliminated.

Entering Week 2, 7,275 entries remained from the original field of 9,267. The most popular pick of Week 2 was the Buffalo Bills and they won easily over the Las Vegas Raiders to push 2,935 entries through to Week 3. The second most popular pick of Week 2 was the New York Giants, selected by 1,292 entries. The Giants won but it wasn’t as easy as the Bills’ victory, although they got the job done.

The biggest loss of Week 2 was caused when the Denver Broncos lost at home to the Washington Commanders. The Broncos looked as though they were going to run away with the game, going up 21-3 in the second quarter. The Commanders stormed back to score the win and give Denver consecutive home losses to open the season. There were 847 entries in the Broncos.

Through Sunday, other notable losses were had by the Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, Cincinnati Bengals, and Los Angeles Chargers. The Lions were the most popular selection from this bunch, picked by 348 entries. The Texans had 41 picks, the Bengals had 36 picks, and the Chargers had 35 picks.

2023 Circa Survivor Week 2 Results

Buffalo Bills2,935Win
New York Giants1,292Win
Denver Broncos847Loss
Dallas Cowboys710Win
Detroit Lions348Loss
San Francisco 49ers343Win
Philadelphia Eagles280Win
Tampa Bay Buccaneers164Win
New Orleans Saints136Win
Houston Texans41Loss
Cincinnati Bengals36Loss
Los Angeles Chargers35Loss
Indianapolis Colts23Win
Atlanta Falcons18Win
New England Patriots11Loss
Cleveland Browns11Loss
Miami Dolphins10Win
Green Bay Packers9Loss
Kansas City Chiefs5Win
Washington Commanders4Win
Arizona Cardinals3Loss
Pittsburgh Steelers2Win
Minnesota Vikings1Loss
Chicago Bears1Loss
Baltimore Ravens1Win
Carolina Panthers1Loss
Tennessee Titans1Win
No Pick7Loss

Circa Survivor Eliminations By Week


With 5,924 entries remaining, each entry is currently valued at $1,564.

The 2023 Circa Survivor contest attracted a record field of 9,267 entries. That could result in a single contestant walking away with an enormous payday of $9,267,000, but we’ll have to wait and see how the season plays out. As always, you can be sure to find Circa Survivor contest coverage right here on

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