Circa Sports Million V Week 2 Recap: Only Two Entries 10-0

Circa Sports Million Week 2 recap

There are two Circa Sports Million V entries sitting at a perfect 10-0 through two weeks of the pro football regular season. Those contestants are “ACKATTACK-2” and “ONE BAD MUTHA 1-1.”

In Week 2, ACKATTACK-2 selected all underdogs with the Tennessee Titans (+3), Indianapolis Colts (+1), Seattle Seahawks (+4.5), Baltimore Ravens (+3.5), and Pittsburgh Steelers (+2.5) on the card. ONE BAD MUTHA 1-1. went with a mix of favorites and underdogs with the Kansas City Chiefs (-3), Los Angeles Rams (+7.5), Dallas Cowboys (-8.5), Washington Commanders (+3.5), and Miami Dolphins (-2.5).

These two contestants are the only remaining contestants with a perfect record through the first two weeks of the season. As we mentioned in our Circa Sports Million V Week 1 recap, the last undefeated contestants from last season fell in Week 4.

Two other contestants, “CALL ME THE BREEZE-1” and “JT555.-1,” are also undefeated on the season but with a slightly worse record thanks to a push in Week 2. These two both had the Atlanta Falcons (-1) on their cards and that resulted in a push, so these two contestants are sitting at 9-0-1 through two weeks.

Circa Sports Million V Through Week 2

  • 10-0 (10 points): 2 entries
  • 9-0-1 (9.5 points): 2 entries
  • 9-1 (9 points): 22 entries
  • 8-1-1 (8.5 points): 50 entries
  • 8-2 (8 points): 102 entries
  • 0-9-1 (0.5 points): 5 entries

After Week 1, there were 140 entries sitting at a perfect 5-0 in Circa Sports Million V. That’s from the record field of 5,247 entries, so less than 3% of the contest entries got through Week 1 without a losing pick. The two contestants that advanced to Week 3 at 10-0 represent less than 1.5% of the 140 entries that were perfect after Week 1.

You’ll notice that we mentioned the five entries at 0-9-1 through the first two weeks of the season. That’s because the Circa Sports Million V awards last-place prizes under the condition that you must make five selections each week in order to qualify for the last-place prizes. You cannot simply withhold making selections to score zero points. After Week 2, the five contestants tied at 0-9-1 are the frontrunners for the first quarter’s $25,000 last-place prize and season long’s $100,000 last-place prize, and those contestants are “BOOKIE BUSTERS-3,” “PEPPERMILL KIDS-1,” “PLAYMAKERS-1,” “WGTB87-2,” and “WICKED AWESOME-1.”

It’s still early in the Circa Sports Million V contest, so expect the Circa Sports Million V standings to take shape further and further each week. As of right now, the most important thing to note is that just two entries from the field of 5,247 remain a perfect 10-0. Stay tuned for more coverage of the Circa Sports Million right here on

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