Jaguars, Ravens, Cowboys Bust 3,000+ In Week 3 of Circa Survivor

It was another Circa Survivor bloodbath in Week 3 of the NFL, as more than half of the remaining entries were eliminated thanks to some big favorites losing outright. Entering Week 3, the 2023 Circa Survivor had 5,924 entries remaining from the original field of 9,267. Through Week 3, 3,445 of those entries were eliminated, leaving 2,479 entries remaining.

Each $1,000 entry now has an implied value of $3,738.

The biggest Circa Survivor loss of Week 3 came from the Jacksonville Jaguars losing as big home favorites to the Houston Texans. The loss by Jacksonville caused 2,421 eliminations in Week 3. The Jaguars were the most popular selection of the week.

The third most popular pick in Week 3 was the Baltimore Ravens, and they were another big home favorite. The Ravens lost to the Indianapolis Colts and bounced 621 entries from Circa Survivor.

Another large favorite was the Dallas Cowboys, favored by double digits on the road against the Arizona Cardinals. The Cowboys lost and busted 367 Circa Survivor entries.

The losses by the Jaguars, Ravens, and Cowboys cost 3,409 entries a shot in Week 4. Those three teams alone cost 57.5% of the remaining field to get eliminated. Other teams who lost on Sunday were the Las Vegas Raiders (23 selections), Atlanta Falcons (1 selection), Minnesota Vikings (1 selection), and New Orleans Saints (1 selection).

2023 Circa Survivor Week 3 Results

Jacksonville Jaguars2,421Loss
Kansas City Chiefs1,237Win
Baltimore Ravens621Loss
San Francisco 49ers448Win
Seattle Seahawks403Win
Dallas Cowboys367Loss
Miami Dolphins213Win
Buffalo Bills70Win
New England Patriots41Win
Las Vegas Raiders23Loss
Cleveland Browns21Win
Philadelphia Eagles18Win
Detroit Lions17Win
Green Bay Packers5Win
Cincinnati Bengals3Win
Los Angeles Chargers2Win
Los Angeles Rams2Loss
New Orleans Saints1Loss
Atlanta Falcons1Loss
Pittsburgh Steelers1Win
Minnesota Vikings1Loss
No Pick8Loss

Stay tuned to for more Circa Survivor coverage throughout the entire season as the record-setting field races towards the $9,267,000 prize.