Circa Sports Million V Week 3 Recap: “ONE BAD MUTHA” Leads

There is one contestant sitting alone atop the Circa Sports Million V standings after Week 3, and that contestant is “ONE BAD MUTHA 1-1” with a record of 14-1 and 14 points. ONE BAD MUTHA 1-1 is now in first place at the top of the record-setting field of 5,247 entries.

Entering Week 3, ONE BAD MUTHA 1-1 was one of two contestants sitting at a perfect 10-0 and tied for first place at the top of the Circa Sports Million V leaderboard. ONE BAD MUTHA 1-1 scored 4-1 in Week 3 to improve to 14-1 on the season. The contestant he was tied with, “ACKATTACK-2,” dropped to outside the top 100 after a 1-4 result in Week 3.

In Week 3, ONE BAD MUTHA 1-1 selected the Los Angeles Chargers (+1), New Orleans Saints (+2), Buffalo Bills (-6.5), Seattle Seahawks (-6.5), and Dallas Cowboys (-12.5). The only pick that didn’t cover was the Cowboys.

Behind ONE BAD MUTHA 1-1 on the Circa Sports Million V standings is a group of three contestants tied for second place at 13-1-1 for 13.5 points. Those three contestants are “FULCRUM-1,” “LND22-1,” and “MICHAEL BOWLER-1.” FULCRUM-1 went 4-0-1 in Week 3, whereas LND22-1 and MICHAEL BOWLER-1 went a perfect 5-0. After that group, it’s a pair of contestants tied at 13-2 in fifth place, “KAZBEK-1” and “VEGAS Z-1,” then a larger group of 14 contestants tied at 12.5 points with records of 12-2-1 or 11-1-3.

Circa Sports Million V Top 10

1ONE BAD MUTHA 1-114-114
T-2MICHAEL BOWLER-113-1-113.5
T-5VEGAS Z-113-213
T-7ONE TIME PLEASE-112-2-112.5
T-7ROXY’S REVENGE-212-2-112.5
T-7SKAT FOR A BEAN-112-2-112.5

On the opposite end of the leaderboard, it’s “@MACH2-2” leading in the race for last place. He’s 1-13-1 through three weeks and has the worst record for contestants who have submitted five picks each week. He’s trailed by three contestants tied at 2-13 and nine contestants tied at 2-12-1. One of the contestants in the group tied at 2-12-1 is “BIGBOOBMIKE” who has three entries in the mix and all are at 2-12-1.

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