2023 SuperContest Week 3 Recap: Three Tied for Lead

After three weeks of professional football action in the NFL, three contestants are tied for first place in the 2023 Las Vegas SuperContest. Read on to learn more about how the SuperContest standings shape up after Week 3.

Sitting at 13-2 apiece, which is good for 13 points in the contest, “ACCORSI,” “TA2,” and “PAPAG77” are tied for first place in the SuperContest after Week 3. ACCORSI and TA2 were among those tied for first place entering Week 3, and their 4-1 performances allowed them to stay in the top spot. PAPAG77 went a perfect 5-0 in Week 3 to jump his way into a three-way tie for first.

The 2023 SuperContest has a bunch of different mini-contests during the season, including six three-week contests. The first of the six wrapped up with the conclusion of Week 3, so there are some SuperContest prizes to give out.

It was originally planned that the contestant with the best record through Week 3 of the pro football season would win $25,000 in prize money, second place would get $10,000 and third place would get $5,000. That’s $40,000 up for grabs for the three-week contest. With three contestants being tied for the best record through three weeks, those three contestants split the prize money evenly. That means ACCORSI, TA2, and PAPAG77 each won $13,333 in prize money.

Behind the trio that is tied for first place, “CALICRACKER” is 12-2-1 for 12.5 points in fourth place, then it’s a batch of 11 contestants tied in fifth place at 12-3 for 12 points.

2023 SuperContest Top 10

T-5PACKMAN 2212-312
T-5TOONS G12-312

There are 1,301 entries in the 2023 Las Vegas SuperContest and the season-long winner will earn $206,220.

“KEV KOVERS 1” Leads SuperContest Gold

In the high-stakes Las Vegas SuperContest Gold competition, it’s just one contestant tied atop the SuperContest Gold leaderboard. That’s “KEV KOVERS 1” with a record of 11-3-1, which is good for 11.5 points.

Behind KEV KOVERS 1 is “DMS” in second place at 11-4 for 11 points, and then it’s “BORN2WIN GOLD” in third place at 10-4-1 for 10.5 points. After the top three, there is a group of six contestants tied to 10-5 for 10 points.

Entering Week 3, there was a two-way tie for first place in the SuperContest Gold, with BORN2WIN GOLD and “IG: THISISWALKERAT” sitting on top of the standings. BORN2WIN GOLD went 2-3 in Week 3 and slipped back into third place. IG: THISISWALKERAT scored zero points in Week 3 with a 0-5 record and dropped all the way back to a tie for 26th place.

The SuperContest Gold is a winner-take-all contest with a $5,000 buy-in. There are 92 entries in the 2023 Las Vegas SuperContest Gold, and the winner is set to take home $460,000.

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