2023 Circa Survivor Down To 1,237 Entries After Week 7

Circa Survivor Week 7 recap

Week 7 of the 2023 Circa Survivor saw 552 entries eliminated from the most prominent survivor contest. There are now 1,237 entries remaining entering Week 8 of the NFL season.

Coming into Week 7, there were 1,789 entries remaining from the starting field of 9,267. The Week 7 damage knocked out just over 30% of the field, led by the Buffalo Bills losing to the New England Patriots to bust 194 entries. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the only other team with triple-digit selections (101) to lose, but there were nine teams picked that lost out in Week 7.

Now through seven weeks of the pro football season, it’s a bit easier to look through all of the Circa Survivor entries and see which contestants appear to be in the best positions going forward. In a football survivor pool, the more entries you have as the season goes on, the better position you are in to outlast everyone.

Looking through the remaining Circa Survivor entries, we can see that contestant names “DEEJ,” “DRIB1364,” “GOLDENBOY,” “GORDIE,” and “MOTORCITY” each have 10 entries remaining. These would be the Circa Survivor favorites going forward. Then we found that “CHAMPA BAY” and “LOVEMYBAXTER” have eight entries remaining apiece. Contestant “TRACHSEL BAYLOR” looks to have seven entries remaining.

Each of the remaining 1,237 entries is now valued at $7,491, but of course, everyone remaining is trying to be the last contestant standing so that they can claim the entire $9,267,000 prize pool.

2023 Circa Survivor Week 7 Results

Seattle Seahawks1,078Win
Buffalo Bills194Loss
Tampa Bay Buccaneers101Loss
Los Angeles Rams99Loss
Cleveland Browns75Win
San Francisco 49ers47Loss
Las Vegas Raiders45Loss
New Orleans Saints42Loss
Kansas City Chiefs37Win
Baltimore Ravens32Win
Washington Commanders12Loss
Green Bay Packers9Loss
Denver Broncos5Win
Philadelphia Eagles5Win
Chicago Bears2Win
Jacksonville Jaguars1Win
Pittsburgh Steelers1Win
Atlanta Falcons1Win
Indianapolis Colts1Loss
No Pick2Loss

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