Circa Sports Million V Week 7 Recap: Three Tied For Lead

Circa Sports Million Week 7 recap

Through seven weeks of the pro football regular season, the Circa Sports Million V football handicapping contest has three contestants tied at the top. The three contestants tied atop the Circa Sports Million V standings are “CASTLEROCKER-3,” “DEADMONEY-4,” and “ZWEI BRUDER-3.”

CASTLEROCKER-3, DEADMONEY-4, and ZWEI BRUDER-3 are each 26-8-1 on the season, which is good for 26.5 points and a half-point lead over everyone else. Behind those three is a group of three contestants with 26 points and then a group of five contestants with 25.5 points.

Coming into Week 7, CASTLEROCKER-3 was in second place with 23.5 points. He went 3-2 in Week 7 thanks to a Circa Sports Million V card that was comprised of the Las Vegas Raiders (-3), Indianapolis Colts (+3), Washington Commanders (-3), Philadelphia Eagles (-2.5), and Minnesota Vikings (+7). The Colts, Eagles, and Vikings all covered.

DEADMONEY-4 came into Week 7 in a tie for fifth place with 22.5 points. He then went 4-1 by picking the Chicago Bears (+3), Baltimore Ravens (-3), New York Giants (+3), Los Angeles Rams (-3), and Kansas City Chiefs (-5.5) The Bears, Ravens, Giants, and Chiefs all covered for DEADMONEY-4.

ZWEI BRUDER-3 scored a perfect 5-0 result in Week 7 thanks to selecting all winners with the Atlanta Falcons (+2.5), Indianapolis Colts (+3), Baltimore Ravens (-3), New York Giants (+3), and Kansas City Chiefs (-5.5) on his card. That vaulted ZWEI BRUDER-3 from a tie for 26th place into a tie for first place.

Circa Sports Million V Top 10

T-1ZWEI BRUDER-326-8-126.5
T-7BIG DUMB ONE-125-9-125.5
T-7JAX PEREL.-125-9-125.5
T-7NOT SO FAST-124-8-325.5
T-7SUPER PLENTY-225-9-125.5

“PULLING A CLEMSON” and “STUDLEY” Lead 2nd Quarter

The Circa Sports Million V is currently in the middle of the contest’s second quarter, which includes Weeks 5-9 of the NFL season. With three of those five weeks in the books, it’s “PULLING A CLEMSON-2” and “STUDLEY-1” tied for the second-quarter lead with 14 points. Both have records of 14-1.

We already saw two contestants scoop $105,000 each for winning the Circa Sports Million V’s first quarter, so we’ll see if things shake out that way once again.

“COSTANTEENIE” Leads Last-Place Race

Looking at the opposite end of the Circa Sports Million V season-long leaderboard, we can see that “COSTANTEENIE-3” leads the way in the race for the contest’s last-place prize, which is called the “Booby Prize.” This season-long last-place prize is worth $100,000, with second-to-last place being worth $50,000. COSTANTEENIE-3’s record of 7-28 has him in the lead for last place, and then it’s the entry of “COSTANTEENIE-2” in second-to-last place with a record of 8-27. This could be setting up for a single contestant to scoop for season-long Booby Prizes.

Circa Sports Million, Circa Survivor, and Las Vegas SuperContests will be right here on all season long. Follow along each week so you can see who will be winning millions of dollars in prize money.

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