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Gridiron Gamble’s goal is to create knowledgeable and entertaining sports gambling content, with an in-depth focus on fantasy football and the Las Vegas SuperContest. Our content strives to be insightful, opinionated, and authoritative, but most importantly, at the end of the day, we want our content to be fun.

To keep you entertained, up to date, and in the know, Gridiron Gamble was started by Brett Collson, Donnie Peters, Mo Nuwwarah, and Rich Ryan. Together, the group calls themselves “The Collective.”

Gridiron Gamble originally began in 2015 when the group of four friends and colleagues dove head first into the Las Vegas SuperContest for the first time ever. The Gridiron Gamble podcast was The Collective’s way of publicly tracking their progress in the SuperContest as the group chased a life-changing payday.

Unlike most group teams that enter the Las Vegas SuperContest, The Collective uniquely reveals their weekly picks on a weekly podcast before agreeing and arguing with one another over their selections. Going into each week’s SuperContest podcast, Brett, Donnie, and Mo submit their selections, in order of a confidence-based scoring system, to Rich. As the show’s producer and lead host, Rich compiles the aggregate scoring of The Collective and directs the show, although he’s often spent playing mediator to the heated debates that are had. Somehow, someway, The Collective has remained good friends throughout their yearly quest to chase the SuperContest’s massive first-place payout.

In 2017, Gridiron Gamble expanded its podcast offerings to include a weekly SuperContest recap show and a weekly podcast dedicated to daily fantasy sports (DFS) football.

In addition to all of the great podcast content produced by Gridiron Gamble, audience members will be able to find a plethora of sports gambling content right here on GridironGamble.com, so check back regularly for the latest from The Collective.

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