Meet The Collective


Brett Collson hails from Buffalo, New York. Yes, he is a Buffalo Bills fan, but like most Bills fans, Brett prefers not to talk about his allegiance. We consider him the wisest member of The Collective, but that’s probably only because he’s the oldest.

Like most Bills fans, Brett is scarred for life from Buffalo’s early-1990s run. Did you know that the Bills are the only NFL team to win four consecutive conference championships? The Buffalo Bills are also the only NFL team to lose four consecutive Super Bowls. Brett knows this, but he will avoid any and all conversations on the topic.

In the world of nine-to-five jobs, Brett works for, and he has a background in sports media. You may have read some of his work on CBS Sports, Yahoo!, or FOX Sports. Brett is also one of the best daily fantasy sports players we know, and anything he says regarding DFS should be taken as gospel.

In his spare time, Brett enjoys shoveling snow, beef on weck, and downing some IPAs on Chippewa Street.

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You might not know it, but, like Brett, Donnie Peters is also from Buffalo, New York. Originally, at least, until he moved to New Hampshire and became one of the most unbearable Boston sports fans we know. The New England Patriots are his team, and he believes both Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are gods.

Donnie spent seven years living and loving Las Vegas, Nevada, before moving to Southern California, and he also works in the poker industry. Donnie used to work at before moving over to try a career in the marketing department of the World Poker Tour.

A loud-mouth Italian from the East Coast, Donnie claims to be the greatest roulette player in the world and will go to his grave believing there is no better feeling than the one you get when you walk into a Las Vegas casino.

Donnie’s also a bit of a square when it comes to sports betting, which other members of The Collective have no issue in pointing out. If you ask him, though, it’s not about picking the sharp side, it’s about picking the right side.

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Mo Nuwwarah is The Collective’s resident moose and a Kansas City Chiefs supporter. You’ve heard of Murphy’s Law, right? Here at Gridiron Gamble headquarters, we like to think of it as Mo’s Law, because if he’s got money on it, you better believe the moose is coming.

Like all of The Collective members, Mo also works in the poker industry, writing and traveling the world for That’s right, Brett is his boss in the real world, but in the sports-betting world of Gridiron Gamble, Mo’s the sharpest tool in the shed and Brett is his disciple.

Mo is from Omaha, Nebraska, which, if you ask Donnie, is 30 minutes from anywhere. No one has ever been to Omaha, though, but we do know it’s known for some mighty fine steaks.

If there’s a game, Mo’s got money on it. He is always in action, and we’ve even known him to fire a bet or two on a preseason WNBA game, if you can believe it.

Mo enjoys running, although we don’t know how he does it with two shredded knees, he doesn’t believe in cable, and he avoids gluten like the plague.

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Rich Ryan is considered the most logical of The Collective, but he’s also a New York Jets fan, so that’s in question.

Rich works alongside Donnie at the World Poker Tour and constantly reminds Donnie on a daily basis that the Jets have one Super Bowl win.

On the Gridiron Gamble podcast, Rich is the host and the miracle-working producer who makes The Collective sound halfway decent. He’s also the one who handles the aggregation of The Collective’s weekly picks, but that could change at any moment with his highly questionable math skills.

Rich listens to more podcasts than anyone we’ve ever known. When it comes to sports in general, especially the NFL, Rich is like an almanac. He’s also the biggest Tom Brady hater in the world. So much so that it’s put his and Donnie’s friendship on very thin ice.

Truth be told, Rich’s hate for Brady and all Boston sports teams comes from his love for his New York sports teams. The only problem for Rich is that he picked all the wrong New York teams to root for.

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