SuperContest Reboot

Launched in 2019, the SuperContest Reboot is essentially a saver contest focused on the second half of the pro football regular season. It’s marketed as “the perfect opportunity for those who were knocked out of their football contest early, or anyone else who would like to get in and have another chance to win big money.” The SuperContest Reboot follows the same contest play and scoring as the Las Vegas SuperContest and comes with a buy-on of $500.

SuperContest Reboot History & Past Winners

2020139$500$69,500BIRDIE CARRIER$29,070
2021178$500$89,000JOHN THE BAPTIST$35,600
2022157$500$78,500MIDNIGHT RUN$31,200

How Does SuperContest Reboot Scoring Work?

SuperContest Reboot scoring is just like the scoring for the SuperContest and SuperContest Gold contests. After the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook releases the point spreads for the SuperContest Reboot, which the venue does on a weekly basis, contestants select five sides before the submission deadline. Contestants are then scored by receiving one point for a winning selection, a half-point for a push or tie, and zero points for a loss.

Points are tallied over the course of the SuperContest Reboot season, which is currently the back half of the season, Weeks 10-18. The SuperContest Reboot winner is the contestant with the most cumulative points over the contest weeks.

For more information on the scoring, see the example covered on our SuperContest page.

Leaderboard Prizes for Top Finishers

The contestant with the most points over Week 10-18 is crowned the SuperContest Reboot winner and takes home the lion’s share of the prize pool. Additional payouts are distributed based on the finishing position on the leaderboard.

How Much Does It Cost To Play the SuperContest Reboot?

It costs $500 to play in the SuperContest Reboot contest. For the 2023 SuperContest Reboot, contestants are allowed five entries maximum. The full buy-in for each contestant goes into the prize pool. There is no rake or fee. For more details, check out the official SuperContest Reboot rules.

How To Play in the SuperContest Reboot

It’s simple to enter into the SuperContest Reboot contest. All you have to do is sign up at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook following the same steps as you would entering the SuperContest or SuperContest Gold. Contestants have to sign up in person. Once registered, contestants then submit their picks on a weekly basis and must do so from within Nevada state lines. A proxy is allowed. For a step-by-step guide on how to play in the SuperContest Reboot, please visit our SuperContest page and follow the same steps outlined.

Do You Have To Enter the SuperContest To Play the SuperContest Reboot?

No, contestants do not need to have entered the main SuperContest (or SuperContest Gold). The SuperContest Reboot is a separate contest you can enter independently. You can play all three of the SuperContest, SuperContest Gold, and SuperContest Reboot, any combination of the three, or a single one.

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