Circa Sports Million

The Circa Sports Million debuted in 2019 and quickly rose to become the largest pro football betting contest out of Las Vegas. In fact, the Circa Sports Million truly shook up the world of sports betting contests in Las Vegas when it came with a $1,000 rake-free buy-in and guaranteed prizes such as the $1,000,000 winner’s share. In just its second year of existence, the Circa Sports Million surpassed the SuperContest as the largest Las Vegas football handicapping contest.

Circa Sports Million 2023 Quick Facts

  • $6,000,000 guaranteed prize pool
  • $1,000,000 first-place prize
  • $1,000 entry fee
  • Contestants allowed multiple entries – maximum five entries for 2023
  • Five picks per week
  • Registration deadline is September 9, 2023, at 2 p.m. PT
  • Official rules

What Is the Circa Sports Million?

The Circa Sports Million is a pro football sports handicapping contest run by Circa Sports out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The contest awards a $1,000,000 first-prize prize from its multi-million-dollar prize pool each year.

The Circa Sports Million runs during the NFL regular season, and each week contestants pick five games against the point spread in an attempt to finish atop the leaderboard and win large sums of prize money. The Circa Sports Million offers season-long leaderboard prizes and in-season prizes.

The buy-in for the Circa Sports Million is $1,000 and all money goes into the prize pool with no fees taken out.

Circa Sports Million History & Past Winners

20191,875$1,000$1,875,000BOOTY BLOCKERS-1$1,000,000

How Much Is the Circa Sports Million Buy-In?

The Circa Sports Million has a $1,000 buy-in, with 100% of the entry fee going towards the contest’s prize pool. Contestants can have a maximum of five entries. The Circa Sports Million V prize pool for 2023 is guaranteed at $6,000,000. To learn more, see the contest’s official rules.

What Are the Circa Sports Million Scoring Rules?

Circa Sports Million scoring is simple. Contestants receive 1 point for a winning selection, 0.5 points for a tie (also known as a push), and 0 points for a loss. Weekly selections are graded against the contest’s point spreads for a given week, and contestants accumulate points over the course of the NFL regular season to rank on the various leaderboards in an effort to win prizes.

Let’s use an example to help further explain how the Circa Sports Million scoring works.

A contestant makes the following five picks during a contest week:

Seattle Seahawks (-3)
Atlanta Falcons (+6.5)
New Orleans Saints (-2.5)
Pittsburgh Steelers (PK)
Denver Broncos (-4)

The numbers in parentheses are the points spreads listed by Circa Sports for the week, and the “PK” represents that the game is a pick’em with no point spread or a point spread of 0. To get the contestant’s weekly score, we have to analyze the real-life game results and compare them to the picks.

Here are sample real-life results from those games:

Seahawks 27 – 49ers 20
Jaguars 33 – Falcons 17
Saints 20 – Colts 10
Steelers 17 – Ravens 16
Bears 24 – Broncos 20

Looking at these results, we can compare how the teams performed against the point spreads. The Seahawks won by 7 points, covering the 3-point spread and earning the contestant a point. The Falcons lost by 16 and did not cover the 6.5-point spread, so the contestant earned 0 points. The Saints won by 10 and covered the 2.5-point spread to earn the contestant a point. The Steelers won against the Ravens and this game was a pick’em, so the contestant earned another point. The Broncos were 4-point favorites and lost, so they didn’t cover the spread and the contestant had another 0 for a result. All in all, the contestant went 3-2 (three wins and two losses) against the spread and earned 3 points.

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