SuperContest Gold

First introduced in 2017, the SuperContest Gold football betting contest is the high-stakes version of the Las Vegas SuperContest. The SuperContest Gold is similar in that contestants pick five games against the spread each week in an attempt to earn points for a season-long leaderboard, but it’s different in that the SuperContest Gold has a $5,000 buy-in and the contest features a winner-take-all payout structure.

SuperContest Gold History & Past Winners

201794$5,000$470,000STAG CAPITAL$470,000
2018128$5,000$640,000GIVE ME MY NAME 7$640,000
2019117$5,000$585,000WALTER PAYTON$585,000
202072$5,000$360,000BRETTFAVRE 444$360,000
202187$5,000$435,000CALABASAS WISE GUY$435,000
202280$5,000$400,000VO KHAN$400,000

How Does SuperContest Gold Scoring Work?

During the pro football regular season, the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook releases SuperContest Gold point spreads on a weekly basis. Once released, these spreads do not change for a given week. SuperContest Gold contestants pick five games each week against the contest point spread. Just like the SuperContest scoring, contestants receive 1 point for a winning selection, 0.5 points for a push or tie, and 0 points for a loss.

Points are tallied over the course of the entire season. The SuperContest Gold winner is determined by the contestant with the most points over the entire season.

For more information on the scoring, see the example covered on our SuperContest page.

Only One Way To Win

There is only one way to win money in the SuperContest Gold contest. In order to win, you must finish atop the leaderboard with the most points. The prize pool is awarded in a winner-take-all format. It doesn’t matter if there are 10 entries or 10,000, all of the prize money goes to the SuperContest Gold winner.

What Is the Entry Cost for the SuperContest Gold?

It costs $5,000 to enter the SuperContest Gold contest. Each contestant is only allowed one entry. The full buy-in for each contestant goes into the prize pool. There is no rake or fee. For more information, visit the official SuperContest Gold rules.

How Does One Enter and Play in the SuperContest Gold?

Entering the SuperContest Gold follows the same procedure as entering the SuperContest. Contestants have to sign up in person at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook and then submit their picks on a weekly basis. For a step-by-step guide on how to play in the SuperContest Gold, please visit our SuperContest page and follow the same steps outlined.

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